Monday, July 22, 2013

Some Fun In Belgrade!

Europe Travel Gigs

I thought That I gonna Be writing More Often, But No
I spent Hours in Trains Between European Cites, Always on The Move, Always Busy Playing.

Played, Post Flensburg.... Cologne, Brussels, Nice, Torino. Milano, Bern, Leipzig, Dusseldorf, Gelsenkirchen, Cologne, Luxembourg...
I hope I didn't Miss Something...

Had A great time !

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Traveling with Overnight train is good excuse to get in a bed at 7pm.

Taking an Overnight train is good excuse to get in a bed at 7pm.

Passing by Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, and trying to recoup my visit to Nice, and Cannes Including Juan Le Pins.
This time was 10 days planned 3 as i did last year, but with a difference that last year I overstayed for 6 weeks.
Traveling by train is cool, especially when you start approaching Marseille from continental part of France.
Mediterranean Blue waters take your breath and scene is so cool, you always get emotional.
When you come to the city 2nd time it's always easier, you know your way around the city.
Met Simon Torino again and his evident progress in mastering game skills, and moving into Mentalist sphere, as well as
his Medieval band works sounds cool,
something different that can be offered in the field.
Playing again in Nice was cool, it was like yeah i left it over here 1 year ago, and then you show up and play and all is pretty much same.
same target same distance including Brazilian Squad, Welsh 2 piece, now 3 piece, and few others pretty much same folks.

There are couple of things you always wanna try you get to France, Socca, French Goat Cheese, and vine.
First day was Rainy, pretty bad and cold Nikaia Fans saved my efforts. Day after I played Exupery Beach Bar gig.
Met with Phil, then with Johnathan day after, so everything was set pretty quick.
Gig turned to be alright, played about 3 hrs, and "street" did great job.
it's backpackers crowd, can be awesome or otherwise, anyway by 2nd set everyone was turned in. Some dude started dancing. Another one from Las Vegas was Constantly requesting
Gangsta Paradise. Anyway it worked well.
Simon and I Arranged to meet in Cannes, There I Played more intensively this year. I was doing Boardwalk it was bit of hassle, but some places were really cool
and Best Crowd in Cannes is in Irish Bar, Proven.
Despite the parade of Wannabes Dressed up for Show off, they are in fact good bite, for Freelance Photographers, Hunting them on Streets and Boardwalks, for pick in store shots.
Next Morning We went for a coffee at Londino nice cafe at Juan le Pins beach. Juan le Pins is town I didn't do last year, so
there's was opportunity to play there.
Pine Trees, Ships in Horizon It's lovable spot.
I played in very friendly Restaurant , met Supportive folks and did some Neil Young numbers, Promised to come back.
Owner was totally into what i was playing.
Came Back to Nice Later, and was trying to Speculate about Monaco, Should I do it or not. Monaco Isn't Music Friendly place.
No big Rock Clubs, But There'a Always Attraction People wanna go there to that city on The rock.
Last Year I did Hotel at the port and It was cool time. Sarah Scottish Psychedelic girl Brought me there, and I did nice set.
While in Old Town, I met my friend judge he was there, on familiar spot, Nice to meet again.
When I Mentioned Monaco he was like "hell no! Life is not there, Life is Here". Yeah Maybe I should trust you on That Judge!
When Is Grand Prix, Lots of Tourists come here, This year Fortunately Lot's Of American and English people, Felt really friendly vibe.
playing for this folks.

Till Next time folks

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

BB Kings Club April 15th

Last Night gig went fine,
It was early Monday for Show 6pm Set time.
We started Slowly Lucky Man, Sunshine baby and bulit it up, it worked well.
It's nice to come back to BB Kings it's one of the venues where musicians feel friendly vibe and good Hospitallity... looking froward for more shows.