Thursday, April 2, 2015

5 months touring...

Hey its not easy,

Feel a bit stranded, Every day train, new city(old city), Hotel-Hostel.
If its good night then is much more pleasure to keep going.
Miss my Kids...very much...That's kind of very painful,... So Really looking for getting back, soon.
On the other side, there's part of me pushing forward, so ...
Tonight felt that things are coming back to my terms. had nice crowd,singing Pink Floyd hits.
Saved "Mother" for the end. Mother is great song very, very, Fresh, Must look around and its very present.
This City is Friendly , Quiet but looks friendly, Saw Busker playing and looks like he's doing fine here.
Got some Turkish Pizza for dinner that's it, no Thai Food Tonight, last Night was McDonalds(My god...) and Thunder Snow, not nice ... but sky cleared today and that's always pleasant.
So Easter is coming I wish you have good one.
Ia think its wrong to say Happy Easter,,.... unless you're in New York!
That's only place that will accept Happy Easter...
Later folks

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